How it works

Work based assessments are assessments designed to produce a list of reasonable adjustments that can be implemented within the workplace to remove barriers and unlock the potential of employees. See our step by step guide on how this process works and how you can move forwards today. 

Book your assessment

The first step to getting started is to book your assessment. Once booked we will be in touch within 2 working days to schedule your appointment. These are normally undertaken within 7 working days.

Assessment is undertaken

Once your scheduled date arrives we will either attend in person or via a scheduled zoom call to conduct the assessment. This will take the form of general observations and discussions and a report will be then generated. 

Receive your report

Once the report has been generated we will issue this to you with a list of reasonable adjustments that can be implemented within the workplace. At this stage you are ready to place your order for any services required.

Start making reasonable adjustments

Once you have placed your final order and received your services you will be ready to start making reasonable adjustments. These can be implemented immediately to maximise the potential of the employee and the business.

Our assessors

Our team of specialist assessors are highly qualified psychologists with a background in neurodiversity. We are able to attend both remotely or in person to ensure that support can be provided to those who need it most. 

Pricing 6


Our work based assessments can be conducted both in person or remotely, prices start from £129.00.


Limited time offer for remote assessments